7 June 2009

A festival at Necessary Room

Originally posted at Necessary Room, 7th June 2009

I'm so excited and honoured to be here at Necessary Room. I've really enjoyed reading Se'Lah's blog over the last few months, since our blogs' paths crossed at Sunnydaytodaymama, and truly appreciate the wonderful friendship I've found here. I'm inspired by Se'Lah's love of life, her positive energy and her joyful spirit. So I thought it would be nice to have a festival while we're here in celebration of Inspirational Monday.

Sunnyboy is going to show us around before he heads off back to the bouncy castle,

so have a sit down and an alternative brew.

There are some interesting science activities in the children's tent,

and the Interknit is here.

There are pink fairies,

and a silver Sonic Manipulator.

Someone is speaking on a banana telephone. Sunnyboy doesn't know why this is funny. Why not use a banana as a telephone?

Sunnyboy likes to 'play chess' but probably needs a bit more practice before accepting this challenge,

and here are some other signs we'd like to show you.

No littering,

fly free as a bird,


We hope you enjoy the festival. Thank you Se'Lah for inviting us here to your lovely blog. We had a great time.

Sunnymama and Sunnyboy

*Operation You is the home of Inspirational Monday. You can get more inspiration there and are invited to stop by and post your links of inspiration.


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