17 April 2009

Folding trampoline

For Sunnyboy's second birthday I bought him a folding trampoline*. We live in a small, cozy flat and although there is room to use a trampoline indoors an ordinary trampoline would have had to be stored in the garden when not in use. This trampoline is compact enough when folded to be stored behind our sofa. Sunnyboy loves to jump so it's been used a lot, both in the house and in the garden, and because it's stored indoors it's still in excellent condition.

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Note: I've featured this product because I liked it and wanted to tell others. I haven't been asked, or paid, to do so. All opinions are my own.


  1. We had a small exercise trampoline for me to exercise on when my kids were little. All kids love jumping and little trampolines are great for that. I couldn't fold mine away though, how lucky you are. (Oh, I never really got a turn on my own Jumping machine, it was always their turn!!! LOL......)

    Have a jumping fun weekend!


  2. So, we can truly say "he's bouncing off the walls" :-)


  3. Do a big leap for me Sunnyboy! (smile) So cute.

    You know, I was coming from the gym and saw a sign that said trampoline - $50 - at the entrance of my subdivision. I did a U-turn to get the number and I called. Someone had beat me by seconds in buying it. Now, I know that I have another option!! Thank you for always providing ways for me to be a good mom!

  4. what fun! I'm going to check it out! I've been afraid of getting a "real" trampoline, but this one looks safe!

  5. We have a real trampoline outside and I don't think I or the kids (or even the neighbor kids) could live without it:) This one looks perfect for inside, I like the fact that it's folding, as our house is very small, don't think having it set up at all times would work so well.

  6. Emma would love one of these...

  7. We have a small inside one but it doessn't would be REALLY nice if it did! Thanks for linking - enjoy your weekend!

  8. You may have just given me an idea of what to give my niece for her birthday!

  9. We have this exact trampoline that my now 12 yr old daughter got as a gift when she was 2. It has been kept outside in the yard ever since and my current 2 yr old jumps on it all the time. These are well worth the money. They love it...and much safer with the handlebar.

  10. Thank you for linking up! I have never heard of this particular trampoline. I am also looking for ways for my boys to burn off some energy. Thanks for sharing!