7 April 2009

Abraham on parenting

Earlier today I posted an Abraham-Hicks video for Inspirational Monday. I've just come across another fantastic video that I really wanted to share. In it Abraham talks about trusting children's innate guidance systems regarding their own safety amongst other things. Abraham then goes on to talk about encouraging children to chose for themselves what they want to learn and do. It seems that Abraham is a Continuum Concept and unschooling advocate. I love Abraham's parenting advice.


  1. Thanks for sharing this video. We do have to trust, as parents, that children's instincts are on target. They are people too!

  2. This is incredible stuff to listen to. We must stay present and just BE! thank you for sharing such great information!

  3. AMAZING! Thanks so much for posting that link too, I really need to be reminded of this.

    Just amazing
    Gina xxx