5 April 2009

Mind the tree

Today we were playing outside in our garden and a woman visitor of one of our neighbours decided to teach Sunnyboy and his friend how to use the slide. She went on and on: "Don't climb up the slide", "Don't go down the slide head first", "Do it this way", "Don't slide too fast".

She also gave him instructions on how to eat: "Drink some water after you have a bite of toast it helps you swallow".

Her concern for his well-being included his feet: "Haven't you got any shoes? You might stand on something prickly".

Sunnyboy just ignored all this and eventually I had to ask her to give it a rest because, despite her good intentions, it was becoming extremely unhelpful. One piece of child safety advice she gave though I thought was worth sharing. As Sunnyboy walked past a tree she shouted out "Mind the tree!".

This evening I read a post on Free Range Kids called When the Playgroup Mommies Think You're a Slacker. This post is well worth reading if you're one of those parents who let their children walk past trees without protective clothing and close adult supervision.


  1. Wonderful post...

    Children will manage. I teach my daughter about safety...but then she must live and learn. She's not my puppet...and I don't treat her as such. I let her live life.

  2. Glad she is only a visitor--and not a neighbor!

  3. Great post! It's funny, visitors like that usually don't have any kids.. LOL!

  4. Glad that she was only a visitor and I hope she doesn't come often!!

  5. This reminds me of the lady in the grocery store who chewed me out for carrying my son in a sling because he looked "miserable" and "uncomfortable". In fact, he was in the sling because he LOVED being carried in the sling, and he was in a great mood...