17 April 2009

Little Friend

For the last week and a half Sunnyboy has been delighted to have a new Little Friend to play with. A little boy and his mum have been staying with our neighbour and Sunnyboy has had the best time playing with him in the garden every day. They've become so close in such a short space of time and this evening, before Little Friend left to travel back home again, Sunnyboy said to him "Got something to tell you. I love you, I love you, I love you."

We've really enjoyed spending time with Little Friend, who's a lovely little boy, and Little Friend's Mum, who's really cool. It's been such a pleasure to see Sunnyboy having so much fun with Little Friend, and for me to be able to chat with a mum who's so relaxed and positive in her parenting style. We both hope you stay in touch and come and visit again soon, Little Friend and Little Friend's Mum, you've been great company.

There'll be more pictures of Sunnyboy and Little Friend next Wednesday in my Wordless Wednesday post.
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  1. OMG! Those pics of the two of them sitting at the table are ADORABLE!


  2. These photos remind me of a conversation I had recently. As school holiday approaches, a parent asked me what camp was my daughter going to be doing? Camp??? I thought. How about the "go outside and play with the neighborhood kids" camp ;-)

    Hope you, sunny boy, Little Friend and his mum continue to nurture your new bond.

    What a positive, happy post.

  3. Se'lah's comment about camp is exactly how I feel.

    It looks like Sunnyboy had a wonderful time with Little Friend.

    How lucky you were to have neighbor visitors, sooooo sad they had to go home. But thank heavens for our technology today, because you can still stay in touch!!

    Have a great one!!


  4. Oh yes! Se'Lah, camp???? Do you mean camping trip with the family? Funny.

    Those boys are so in tuned to each other and I'm sure they use little words when they play. They are in sync, you can tell!