19 April 2009

The Greatest Gift you can give to your child

Since discovering unschooling I've been very excited and inspired by this as both an educational and parenting philosophy. I've also been inspired by the teachings of Abraham in the context of radical unschooling. Abraham advocates trusting children and says that the greatest gift we can give to children is to help them stay connected with their own guidance systems.

'Oh, it is so delicious! When you have an environment where children feel free, where they get to choose, and you are brave enough to ride it out... In other words, at first they'll choose all of the things that you have been convinced are wrong... But when you are brave enough to let it go far enough that they actually do identify their own personal desire, and then you stand as the loving implementer of their desire -- you would never go back to any other form. The other never worked. It doesn't work even a little bit. It doesn't work at all. Not even a little bit.'
Abraham-Hicks - Excerpted from a workshop in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, March 17th, 2001

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  1. i love this! they have a very old vhs out on parenting from the 80's that is super hokey yet still very relevant. i bought it over 10 yrs ago but believe they still sell it. it covers why boys love playing with weapons and how to handle the love on candy and many more gems!

  2. That was gorgeous. Wih my Rainbow boy about to sit his Highers in the next couple of weeks, I will try hard to leave him to do the right thing for him. Thanks for all these wonderful links.

  3. YOU definitely inspire me with your parenting style. Happy Inspirational Monday!

  4. Thanks for posting this. Isn't the power of example amazing???


  5. That was such a great video and teaching! I often tell my husband that we must allow our children to the space to just BE - without judgement and without fear! In that comes peace and a strong sense of connection to our ultimate purpose and that is to experience life fully.. Beautiful teachings by Abraham!

    Thank you for always visiting Operation you! It means the world to me.

  6. the little travelers, that sounds interesting I'd love to get hold of it!

    Jacqui, you have a Rainbow boy and I have a Sunny boy! How cool :)

    Se'Lah, thank you for your kind words! That's very sweet of you to say :)

    Valerie, yes I agree! I've learnt so much from the example sunnyboy sets me too :)

    Vchelle, I love visiting Operation You! Thanks for hosting Inspirational Monday, I'm so enjoying taking part :)