21 April 2009

Running, jumping and making soup

Today Sunnyboy ran,

and ran,

and jumped,

and ran some more,

and only sat down to eat an ice-lolly.

After their refreshment break, our young neighbour and Sunnyboy decided to make soup. Sunnyboy went looking for ingredients.

They added some water and some seasoning,

and stirred the soup while it simmered.

I took a picture of Sunnyboy having dinner this evening because I loved the way he mixed his smarties with his sweetcorn.


  1. my daughter and her friends love to make soup...I love watching children use their imaginations.

  2. Oh, that popsicle looks sooo good! Your son is adorable!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

  3. So cute. It's funny how after mixing his soup, he mixed his real food..