11 April 2009

Thursday to Saturday

A new friend

The fire pit

Leaves and sticks

The compost pit


Dirty feet

The hosepipe

A whistle (and rain)


Icing sugar

and some quotes from Sunnyboy:

"Come on. To the fence. Let's see what's happening." (to his new friend)

"What are you doing mama?"
"I'm cleaning the sink."
"Oh. How strange." (I've been neglecting the housework again)

"I'm going to .... Is that OK with you?" (his latest favourite saying)


  1. His little thoughts are so precious. You should keep them all in a little book and give them to him when he is older. I love his dirty feet picture, so cute!

  2. I'm glad you are writing what he says down. Soon you will forget but if they are written down you'll remember!

  3. He is just the cutest thing! He has been a little busy bee today! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

  4. It's so sweet how little ones takes bits and pieces of their parents sayings and make it their own. It's so sweet. He has been busy... so cute!

  5. By summer, I expect to see at least 6 children peeking over that fence ;-) So very cute.