12 April 2009

Sunnyboy hosts a party, gets messy and plays lego

Last week was Nozy's birthday and Sunnyboy has been preparing for a 'dinner party' all week. Yesterday evening his Nana and Grandad visited and helped him decorate a cake (and Sunnyboy decorated his Nana's trousers too). He was so excited today getting ready for the party and told Nozy "A cake is waiting for you". My task was to clear the kitchen table.

The cake.

We had fun blowing up balloons.

Sunnyboy cooked dinner with Nozy.

They waited for me to take a picture,

and I couldn't stop admiring the table (we haven't seen it for a while).

Sunnyboy gave Nozy the cake.

After dinner Sunnyboy got messy,

played with his lego,

and fell asleep exhausted after a most enjoyable party day.

Sunnyboy's quote of the day:
"Bye garden. See you morreo."


  1. That was too cute! Love his little cake!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Hope yall had a great Easter.

  2. Absolutely warm and tender. Sunnyboy surely knows how to live it up!

  3. Beautiful photos, love the cake!

    Gina xx

  4. That cake is fantastic!