21 April 2009

The Daily Groove: Say YES to desire

I love receiving The Daily Groove emails. This uplifting and inspiring message from Scott Noelle arrived yesterday.

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Say YES to Desire ::

When your child asks for something you don't want to
provide, you might fall into the trap of competitive,

If I say yes, I lose; but if I say no, he'll cry.
I lose either way.

Today, try this alternative to competition: The moment
your child asks for something, say YES without even
thinking. But you're not saying, "Yes, I will make it
happen," you're saying yes to the deliciousness of
desire and appreciating the unlimited number of ways
any desire can be fulfilled.

If the request is specifically for YOU to do it,
connect with the broader, underlying desire. For
example, if she asked you to play with her, perhaps
*any* playmate would do, or maybe she wants to
connect with you through *any* activity.

But don't *try* to solve it. Your "YES-energy" will
*attract* an inspired solution. It'll feel like a
miracle... but only because it is. :-)

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Copyright (c) 2009 by Scott Noelle


  1. Yes, I loved this daily Groove too. I'm really enjoying getting these little daily doses of wisdom into my inbox!

  2. Fantastic! Will check this site out right away:-)

  3. I love this...I even like the name. I will check this out as soon as possible too!