6 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Neat shots. Does this mean that the person who entered the store gave Sunnyboy a toy as a gift as he exited? If so, how dear! :-)



  2. I'm glad someone knew what was going on. I just noticed the water at the foot of the door on the carpet

  3. Maybe these pictures did need words! Lol. It's Sunnyboy's own toy (Buzz Lightyear) that he took out with him to the bank and I think he was trying to see if Buzz could control the automatic doors. :)

  4. My little guy also had a little Buzz Lightyear toy. He really enjoyed playing with it. I'm sorry to say, but dear Buzz & Woody were traded in for Superman/Batman/Spiderman, who were then traded in for Luke Skywalker/Yoda/Darth Vadar. I love seeing him create dramas using those figures, though. He is so imaginative...

  5. Great pictures. Love the boots and Buzz Lightyear.

    Happy WW!

  6. Well of COURSE Buzz can control the doors!!! GREAT series!

  7. Oh my great pictures! My oldest had a Buzz Light Year, but that was oh so long ago. This brings back wonderful memories.

  8. How cute! Oh to be a kid again, everything is an adventure!

  9. My WW has Buzz LIghtyear in it too! LOL My daughter is in love with Woody and Buzz, it cracks me up :)
    I love the pensiveness of his face.

    Happy WW!

  10. Buzz could totally help open the doors. ;-)

    Thanks for the WW link-up! You are a star!

    BTW...I love your new header!

  11. Ohhh it looks cold! Sunny boy was smart and stayed inside LOL

    My teen loved Buzz Lightyear too! He's actually very excited that a New Toy Story movie is coming out. The youngest was never into it but hopefully the new movie will change that =)I like Buzz lightyear better then all the other action figures out now

  12. Those automatic doors could be so entertaining for kids. My son rushes to be the one to open them.

  13. what a cutie! Buzz to the rescue!

  14. WE are taking our boys to see the new movie too! I dont think they know who Buzz Lightyear is from movies, though - we dont own it. But they know from Look & Find books and the Buzz ride at Disney.

  15. Yay Buzz! He'll entertain him while he waits. :)

  16. To Infinity and Beyond!

  17. So sweet. Emma loved Buzz for a long time, but these days she's all about princesses...

  18. YOu know? If we all had automatic doors in our houses, no one would ever have to yell SHUT THAT DOOR! lol.

  19. Where's and snow, He's all ready.

  20. YAY buzz lightyear can open doors. Very cute!

  21. The girls love Buzz Lightyear. He is a pretty cool guy.

    Love the pics :) So sweet.

  22. Looks like it was wet outside. Love his boots. My son used to love Buzz at that age too.

    Happy WW ♥

  23. I think he got the toy right away as the man entered. In any case he is a handsome devil.

  24. Oh, that was too cute that he thought Buzz could open the automatic doors! I totally heart little kids' innocence. :)