9 November 2010

The Argos catalogue

Sunnyboy has quite a few catalogues and likes to spend time studying the toy pages, so when we were passing Argos and saw Buzz Lightyear in the window we just had to go in and pick up the Argos catalogue for his collection. We do most of our toy shopping secondhand but Sunnyboy also enjoys browsing in new toy shops for inspiration and is always happy if they have a catalogue we can take home.


  1. We do the same thing! Ingrid will sit for ages looking at whatever catalogues come in the mail. And then we talk about how silly some of the toys are and how ridiculously EXPENSIVE they are!!

  2. LOL -- yes, the toy catalogues...especially this time of year....are the most popular reading material around here....


  3. My almost three year old has loved looking at catalogues since she was about 14 months old! Anything to get them involved with text, I say :)