30 December 2010


To my babies


  1. So beautiful xx
    Sending so much love and healing blessings to you all
    Gina xxx

  2. I do the same for my baby that I never had a chance to hold...

    Thanks for coming by Sofia's Ideas, so glad I followed you back over to your own blog. Just scrolling down your front page and your pictures are exquisite! :)

  3. Our internet is so slow it took a little while for the pages at the top to open because of the videos, I scrolled down to look at that beautiful little boy you have, wow he's precious - I thought to myself he needs a little brother or sister and I was going to leave a comment further down but when I scrolled up I saw your post. Tears filled my eyes, I feel for you and your family, I couldn't imagine it happening to me. We almost lost Sasha at birth because he was so hard to push out and was in fetal distress, my birth was home and they called 911 just to be sure. They came, my baby was born but they took him away from me. I couldn't move I was so tired from the long labor and loss of blood. My husband went to the hospital. he showed small signs of group b and had to remain in the hospital for observation for 10 days, the longest days of my life. I slept in the waiting room so I could be with him and nurse him. Oh mama, I am so sorry...I wish I was close to I could give you a big cuddle and lots of support. Sending you healing energy, you must be strong for your little boy, his friend and sibling will come soon.