20 November 2011

After the two week wait (a chemical pregnancy)

Last Wednesday, at the end of the two week wait, I went for my beta hCG blood test at Bourn Hall. Usually when I have outpatient appointments at the clinic Sunnyboy waits with his Nana or Grandad in the clinic canteen or at the nearby park. This time I asked him if he'd like to come with me to see me have the blood test and he wanted to. So we went up to the waiting room together and he had a cup of hot chocolate from the drinks machine while we waited to be called through. Then after watching with great interest as the nurse drew my blood he told her "I miss our babies. They died."

Later that day we waited at home for the call from the clinic with the blood test results and when it finally came it was a shock. My hCG level was 16. I was a little bit pregnant and having an early miscarriage (chemical pregnancy). I told Sunnyboy that our embryos must have been fighters and he said "I wouldn't have needed to teach them wrestling then." I have another blood test booked for Monday and am expecting the hCG level to have dropped.

We miss our babies.


  1. I am so sorry <3
    I have to say, your son is an absolute sweetheart! I'm so glad ge was able to be there with and for you. Hugs!!!

  2. (((((( hugs)))))) what a blessing your boy is.

    You are often in my thoughts the pair of you.


  3. So very sorry. I am glad you have your sweet little boy.

  4. I'm very sorry SunnyMama.
    Don't hesitate to contact us
    if you think we can help you guys
    out in some way.

    Stuart and boys.