21 December 2011

Our babies

Thinking of all our babies. We miss them.

1. To my babies - 21st December 2010, 2. Bringing our little embryos home - 23rd April 2011, 3. Our embryos are home - 6th November 2011, 4. Day 31 and after (our little fighter) - 5th December 2011


  1. So back to the stars, went the breath of a child,
    guided by angels and light,
    the place where she lives, and the love she still gives,
    comes falling from heaven each night. Odette Volpeliere-Pierrot

    Mum and Dad

  2. It is clear that you are filled with love, patience, strength, and courage. Thank you for sharing your story here to give inspiration to others to keep on going.