27 April 2012

Where I Live - roofs

Where I Live is a Friday photo series by Francesca at FuoriBorgo and this week's theme is 'roofs'.

Everyday roofs in springtime

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  1. limestone? I really know nothing about building materials ... whatever it is, it makes a nice contrast with the blossoming bushes. Thanks for playing along, and happy weekend!

    1. I don't know either Francesca! Curious now though and will see if I can find out. :)

  2. Nice pic!
    Really tall chimneys.

  3. I know those rooftops! X

  4. Great building. It looks like bricks in the walls, and slate-looking material on the roof (that's my guess, let's wait to know the response). I love those chimneys!

  5. Love this roofs and buildings.

  6. Love the sections that jut out from the main building with the roof creating peaks. The chimneys definitely add character.
    The contrast of the spring blossoms against the tan stone and tan roof tops is quite lovely.