11 November 2012

All Year Round week thirty six: 7 Autumn Recipes

Here are some of the great posts shared at the All Year Round Blog Carnival with ideas for autumn recipes. You can see more autumn posts, and join us, at the Autumn Carnival which is open for new links until December. You can find out more about All Year Round here and also follow All Year Round on Pinterest.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds at Salt of the Earth Urban Farm

Potato Soup and Dragon Bread at April's Homemaking

Potato Pancakes and Applesauce at Highhill Homeschool

Sweet Potato Gnocchi at Buggy and Buddy

Peanut Butter Oatmeal at Buggy and Buddy

Autumn Slice at Wonder Years

Turkey Cookies at Life with Moore Babies

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  1. Thanks for featuring our Turkey Cookies!

  2. Thanks for featuring potato pancakes. I'll put the I've been featured button link back here.