2 January 2013

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More of Nozy's Nature Pictures from 2012

1. Squirrel, 2. Spring at the pond, 3. Spring at the pond, 4. Spring at the pond, 5. Spring fields, 6. Blue tit, 7. Our new neighbour, 8. Summer nature walk, 9. Summer nature walk, 10. Summer nature walk, 11. Summer nature walk, 12. Summer nature walk, 13. Summer flora and fauna, 14. Summer flora and fauna, 15. Summer flora and fauna, 16. Summer flora and fauna, 17. Summer flora and fauna, 18. Summer flora and fauna, 19. Summer flora and fauna, 20. Summer flora and fauna, 21. Summer flora and fauna, 22. Autumn sky



  1. Gorgeous pictures. I love cloud pics, especially with the sun peeking through, some of my favorites to take.

  2. I love Nozy's pictures they really capture the beauty of nature and the enormity of it all.

  3. Beautiful pictures! The one of the canal made me long for our English home that was situated on the banks of a canal. Found you through Bloggy Moms.

  4. Nozy's nature pictures are always so beautiful x x