26 May 2013

Making potions in the bath

Sunnyboy loves to make potions in the bath and during the winter I put together a potion making kit for him.

It included foaming bath grains,

bath bombs and fizzers, bottles of bubble mix and bubble bath, soaps and a tub of dried rose petals.

I collected lots of empty bottles and tubs, jugs, spoons, stirrers, a pipette, a syringe and an egg timer for Sunnyboy to use when he mixes up his potions,

and more bath bombs.

I also added some fruity bath marbles, a funnel and more bottles, jars and tubs.

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1 comment:

  1. This is such a great idea, Mia, Tarka, Willow and Jahara all love potion making, they would be in heaven with a big box of supplies like that! x x