3 August 2013

15 books about Egypt for children

Meg's Mummy by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski

The Ancient Egyptians: Alfie's Adventures in Ancient Egypt with illustrations by Andy Hammond

We're Sailing Down the Nile: A Journey through Egypt by Laurie Krebs with illustrations by Anne Wilson

Egyptian Mummies by Delia Pemberton

Tutankhamun by Gill Harvey with illustrations by Ian McNee

Tutankhamun Sticker Fun

You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy! Disgusting things you'd rather not know by David Stewart with illustrations by David Antram

The Awesome Egyptians by Terry Deary and Peter Hepplewhite with illustrations by Martin Brown

Lift and Look: Egypt by Pam Beasant with illustrations by Mike Phillips

Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt by Neil Morris with illustrations by Daniela Astone, Manuela Cappon, Luisa Della Porta, Sauro Giampaia and Studio Stalio

Ancient Egypt by Jane Walker

Amazing Facts About Ancient Egypt by James Putnam and Jeremy Pemberton

Write Your Own Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Angela McDonald

Puzzle Pyramid by Susannah Leigh with illustrations by Brenda Haw

The Curse of the Mummy by Anna Knight with illustrations by Roger Harris

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  1. We have lots of these already but there are some great new ones we will have to keep an eye for - thanks!
    Still keeping you in thoughts too.
    Gina x

  2. What a great list! I'm featuring this post with one image in a round up of Ancient Egypt Activities & Printables at Every Star Is Different this week. Thank you for sharing so many great book ideas!