4 October 2013

Hunt the fossilised dinosaur poo (and a Picnic Party)

The weekend after Sunnyboy's 7th birthday we had a picnic party. After our guests had arrived at the picnic area they were given explorer equipment and maps of the Country Park. The first activity was a hunt for the jetty.

We also handed out apples from our garden.

When they had returned from the jetty there was a dinosaur and a fossilised dinosaur poo at the picnic area.

The next activity was a hunt for five more hidden dinosaur poos (Sunnyboy and I had practiced hiding and hunting dinosaur poos in our garden the week before the picnic party).

When all the dinosaur poos had been found we ate our picnic and played more games.

After the picnic there was a cake with seven candles and seven Lego minifigures.

At the end of the picnic party we gave our guests books,

and Where's Wally sweet parcels.

There's a link to the tutorial at last year's picnic party gift bags post.

PICNIC on Sunny Days Pinterest.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sunnyboy! What a fantastic party x x

  2. A wonderful party and a good time was had by all!

  3. Kids love all things poo related - what a great idea for a party!

  4. Sweet party! I would love a poo treasure hunt party!

  5. What a fab party - I'm sure the dinosaur poo went down very well with the children. Thanks for linking up and sharing Sunnyboys fab outdoor celebrations with Countrykids.

  6. What a fantastic idea - I had dinosaurs at my party too - loving the poo hunt.

  7. A lovely party birthday, greeting from Belgium

  8. A belated very happy birthday to beautiful sunnyboy, love the party and poo hunt too xx