18 May 2009

Inspirational Monday: to new friendships...

Guest post

It is a great pleasure to be invited for a visit here at sunnydaytodaymama. When I first started blogging late last year, I did not have any expectations. I am delighted to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the valuable friendships I have formed in my necessary room. One such friendship is with sunnymama ;-)

From the moment I visited this blog, I formed a connection with what I call the "freedom of spirit" displayed through the everyday life experiences of sunnymama and sunnyboy. Another aspect I truly appreciate is their great love for Mother Nature. I am always inspired and encouraged after my visit here everyday.

So, for Inspirational Monday, I thought it would be nice to take you on a nature walk. I hope you enjoy.

my daughter and I headed out on an excursion up the coast, keeping our eyes peeled for anything we thought would interest our adventurous sunny boy.

Although the sun would not cooperate, we were not deterred. there were tons of trucks at a roadside auction but this one caught my eye as it rumbled by. Yes, attitude is everything.

as we drove along the foggy road, we witnessed the whimsical power of the wind. These wooden decor are wind-powered. Cool, huh?

the fog covered so much of the coastal landscape so there wasn't much sign of wildlife, but we continued on because we knew we were almost there.

we stopped in the harbor and admired the jellyfish. can you see them?

we soon arrived at the point where the land meets the sea. breathe soft, ye winds.

although the fog was visibly thick, the windsurfers were out in droves.

and my daughter left her traditional gift on the seashore for a stranger.

the wind and fog were relentless so we headed back home. as soon as we drove up our street, my daughter asked, "why would a turtle hang out in the road?"

apparently, someone could not climb back over the sidewalk so my daughter gave him a helping hand. note to self: turtles squirt pee all over the place when people pick them up. we gladly sent him on his way.

then we noticed little robin red breast sitting in a tree.

and so ends our excursion with a gratuitous flower with a special little guest for sunnyboy.

*Give thanks to vchelle for creating Inspirational Monday as a way to start off the work week with something uplifting. Everyone is invited to leave their links of inspiration at Operation You.

*Give thanks to sunnymama and sunnyboy for inviting us into their space. Always a pleasure.
One Love,


  1. ..To a new friendship! Kind of nice seeing you over here, Se'Lah.. What a exciting journey to share, as always! I loved the turtle too!! I feel indeed free and inspired to look forward to Monday!

    Happy Inspirational Monday Sunny mamm and Se'Lah, my friends!!

  2. Se'Lah, thank you so much for visiting sunnydaytodaymama and leaving us this wonderful post! I am amazed and delighted at the amount and variety of nature in the pictures you took during your nature walk. They are fantastic pictures, I love them all but especially the turtle. Thank you for taking us along with you and your daughter on this excursion, and thank you for the flowers and special little guest for sunnyboy :)

  3. Vchelle, thank you for being the inspiration behind Inspirational Monday :)

    Happy Inspirational Monday to you both :)

  4. I love the picture of the turtle. I know the girls will enjoy looking at all of your pictures.

  5. it seems you had a lovely day in spite of the fog and..i love this little tortoise ! (i didn't know they pee when you pick them up..hum..good to know!)

  6. Beautiful photos, especially the nature shots!

  7. Hi sunnymama and sunnyboy! How fun to see a guest post by Se'Lah here today! Se'Lah, I love your adventures! I especially like your daughter's message of love on the seashore!

  8. It's my first visit here and I love it! SE'LAH you are one with nature! These pictures are fabulous! Remember fog gives a mood, a beautiful mood, as you have captured here. And tell sweetie pie, auntie Christina said it's good luck when a turtle pee pees near you. Okay it's a little fib, but me see naw reason, not to make the girl feel lucky.

    One love
    : )

  9. What a wonderful nature walk! I hope sunnyboy enjoyed it. I sure did! ; )

  10. Se'Lah - you lead the very best nature walks! Love the turtle...My oldest peed on my lap after a nightmare this weekend. But I bet the turtle wasn't cracking jokes about it all weekend. (Talk about finding a silver lining!)

  11. Since I love you both, Se'lsh & Sunnymama...I just feel like I am here hanging out with some girlfriends!

    Love the pictures!!

  12. Great nature walk! Thanks.

  13. AnonymousMay 18, 2009

    What a lovely inspirational post. Looks like you had a great time, and took some really great pictures.

  14. Inspirational indeed! Nature photos can be so calming, and these are beautiful. What a terrific post!

  15. Much thanks to sunnymama and sunnyboy for having me over for a visit today. I am honoured that you invited me into your sacred space.

    I am thankful for your kindness and your friendship. I'll be happy to visit again anytime.

    One Love

  16. That was beautiful. I also enjoyed all the nature photos.

  17. AnonymousMay 20, 2009

    i love that turtle!!! my daughter leaves hearts drawn in the sand everytime we go to the beach too.