18 May 2009

Snapshot Sunday

Visit Sarah at The Napping House to play Snapshot Sunday and read an explanation here.


  1. Simple things.
    sunnyboy's hat.

    makes me smile ;-)

  2. Wow.. I feel just as excited to get my hands on all of this fun stuff! ...just to touch and pick up would be so fulfilling..LOL!

  3. Love them! You add so much to Snapshot Sunday. Thank you for participating.

  4. I just read about Snapshot Sunday over at The Nappiing House and left a comment that I have such an ego when it comes to allowing others to see me as is especially when there is a mess. So, this is going to be challenging for me! But hey I will at least try it once. I think it would be a way of letting go of my perception of what people are thinking about my mess! Who cares right??? I just got to remember all of these weekly things to do on my blog!!! LOL!