29 July 2011

Sharing Hope - Holding Hands 3

Sharing Hope is a weekly link collection for anyone who has some hope to share or is needing hope. Everyone is invited to share images and words of hope. For now I'll be using the same linky each week so we can gather lots of hope together but even if you've added a link in previous weeks you are more than welcome to add more each time. Please add a button or a link to Sharing Hope in your posts so others can visit and join in. Find out more about Sharing Hope and how to get a button here.


Sharing Hope
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{infertility friday} a little hope with dr hope... at {a nuttier life}

1 comment:

  1. You are all in our thoughts still. How wonderful that you are sharing hope and positivity after your heartbreakingly sad loss, you are a very inspirational mother.

    Ilove your new header photo too, we just spent the morning at a car boot sale :)
    Gina xx