28 August 2011

In my handbag

The BritMums Blog has asked What's in your handbag?

My handbag

Contents: little Maisie Mouse book, post-it note pad, reflective armband, file (containing business cards, receipts, scraps of paper and sachets of antiseptic wipes), cash bag (containing five pence pieces), purse, notebook and pen, pocket bag, glasses cleaning cloth, 3 feminine hygiene products, plaster, case with more plasters, superman finger puppet, spiderman finger puppet, "I love you" wiggly bug, mobile phone, Pizza Hut gift voucher, fabric clothing label Sunnyboy uses as a map, little torch, 2 hairbands (the little one is Sunnyboy's), coffee stirrer stick, elastic band.

The other bag

Contents: handy wipes, flask of water, spare clothing for Sunnyboy (including a winter hat in case we go anywhere noisy and a summer hat in case we go anywhere sunny), 3 cloth bags, umbrella, fabric square Sunnyboy uses as a map, leaflets, hand gel, tissues, raincoat, coffee stirrer stick.

What's in your purse party at a bowl full of lemons

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  1. Your handbag is much much neater then mine.I would not be brave enough to do a post like this! You are very well prepared for a day out on the town though!