24 March 2012

All Year Round week five: 7 Spring Nature Walks

This month we've been busy looking for spring and have been on several nature walks with our new Nature Study kit and nature journal. We're also enjoying seeing all the different nature walks shared with the All Year Round Blog Carnival. You can see more spring posts, and join us, at the Spring Carnival which is open for new links until May. You can find out more about All Year Round here and also follow All Year Round on Pinterest.

This week The Freedom Five went on a nature walk and found lots of Spring in Texas. They also shared another Perfectly Spring nature walk earlier in March.

Childhood Beckons celebrated the beginning of spring with a Signs of Spring Nature Hunt and shared a great spring nature journal printable.

Little Wonders' Days welcomed the arrival of spring with Hello Spring, A Walk and a Treasure Box. Their treasure box is lovely.

One Perfect Day went on a nature walk and afterwards created some wonderful Nature Walk Art.

Rainy Day Mum has been outdoors exploring the garden for Colours of Spring and Frog Hunting.

Four Joyful Pixies also have frogs in the pond at their campsite and more Spring Joys.

The Mahogany Way went on a fun Wetlands Field Trip with their homeschool co-op.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our nature walk and journal printable. It's really nice to see so many other families enjoying the spring weather. I'm really loving your linky. Thank you for putting it together and bringing all of these wonderful posts together in one spot. :)

  2. Thank you for featuring our nature walk! I love this linky. So much inspiration fo getting outdoors.

  3. Very nice. Thanks so much for sharing our wetlands trip! Excited to check out all of the others you featured here.