28 March 2014

Another 15 books about Egypt for children

Step Into The World Of Ancient Egypt by Robert Frederick

An Egyptian Tomb by Brian Moses, with illustrations by Adam Hook

The Ancient Egyptians by Jackie Gaff

In Ancient Egypt by Philip Sauvain, with illustrations by Richard Hook

Egyptians by Stephanie Turnball, designed by Laura Parker, with illustrations by Colin King

Mummies And Tombs by Fiona MacDonald

Mummies and Pyramids by Sam Taplin

My Best Book of Mummies by Philip Steele

Mummies by Jillian Powell, with illustrations by Jim Eldridge

Pyramids with illustations by Philippe Biard

Pharaohs & Pyramids by Tony Allan

I Wonder Why Pyramids Were Built and other questions about Ancient Egypt by Philip Steele

Cleopatra and her Angry Asp by Margaret Simpson, with illustrations by Philip Reeve

100 things you should know about Ancient Egypt by Jane Walker

Pyramid by James Putnam

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