7 February 2009

Favourite things

I love that Sunnyboy has so many favourite things. Buzz Lightyear has been a favourite for a long time and today Buzz (one of them - Sunnyboy now has eight Buzz Lightyears in assorted sizes) had a busy day. Buzz went charity shopping, went to the Co-op where he was shown the till by the sales assistant, went out to play in the garden and made footprints in the snow, had a go on the swing, got covered in mud and then washed in the snow, played lots of games and had conversations with various other toys, helped chop mushrooms to go on a pizza and finally ended up in the bath with Sunnyboy and the bath Fimble (another favourite toy - Sunnyboy likes to put the Fimble in a jug of water, pour it out and catch it, then he says it is a little baby, cuddles it and pretends to nurse it).

Some of Sunnyboy's other favourite things today have been: nesting dolls, playmobil, fridge magnets, soft cheese dip, Dr. Seuss and Charlie & Lola.


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