21 February 2009

Learning all the time

I found this great video on YouTube with quotations from Learning All The Time by John Holt.

When I started researching home education I read Learning All The Time and several other books by John Holt; How Children Fail, How Children Learn, Teach Your Own, Freedom and Beyond and Escape From Childhood. I'm so glad I started out by reading Holt's books as I immediately wanted to find out more about unschooling/autonomous education and I've been so excited and inspired by this. I love watching Sunnyboy 'learning all the time'. I'm looking forward to attending the 1st Annual London Unschooling Conference in July. The keynote speaker will be Dayna Martin, a radical unschooling advocate. Below are two of her YouTube videos:

Here's an in-depth interview with John Holt from 1980:
The Plowboy Interview: John Holt
Teach your children ... at home.
By the Mother Earth News Editors
July/August 1980


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