9 November 2009

Inspiration at the library and Guess How Much I Love You in the Autumn

Our city's main public library closed for refurbishments nearly three years ago so we had been walking to a small library further from the centre of town. Having pretty much read all the books we wanted to there, it was very exciting when the big library finally reopened at the end of September. It's great to get to call in at the library regularly again while we are in town and to have such a large selection of books to choose from once more. One of the library books we've borrowed at the moment is Guess How Much I Love You in the Autumn by Sam McBratney (with illustrations by Anita Jeram).

'Then a big brown box came rolling by, blown by the autumn wind. Little Nutbrown Hare caught up with the box when it got stuck in a bush.
What a fine big box!

It was great for jumping over...
jumping on...

and jumping in.

Here are the rest of the library books we have out on loan and I'm looking forward to lots more library inspiration to come.

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  1. Oh the book is cute~

    when I was young, I love to read such books. Sadly was never smart enough to keep them nicely.

  2. I love Leonardo the Terrible Monster! And I never knew they had other Guess how much I love you books, the Autumn one sounds great!

  3. Wow three years is a LONG time to remodel a library, or anything! I hope it's fabulous! Enjoy!

  4. What would we do without our books and libraries.
    Have a nice day.

  5. I didn't know about this "Guess How Much I Love You" sequel, it sounds cute!

  6. Our local library is one of my favorite places to visit! When my kids were little we used to have so much fun picking books each week and reading them together. Thank you for the sweet memory!

  7. kids and libraries--love the combination. Some of my best memories with my kids involve books.

  8. Amber and Maryanne, 'Guess How Much I Love You' has been one of our favourites for a long time, so it was great to find more in the series and the Autumn one seemed a good choice to read at the moment. As well as being refurbished the children's library also has been completely restocked with new books. :)

  9. Boatbaby, yes it was a long time! Originally when the library closed we were told it would be open again in 18 months but that time came and went and in the end it was nearly 3 years until the work was finished.

  10. I so love library trips...and that story. We even have the audiotape but there's no better voice reading to a child than momma's. ;)