20 March 2010

A conversation about colours

A conversation we had today after Sunnyboy picked a Cadbury's Roses chocolate with a green wrapper.

Sunnyboy - "I'll have the green one. I like green. Do you like green mama?"
Me - "Yes, I like green."
Sunnyboy - "I like yellow too. Do you like yellow mama?"
Me - "Yes, I like yellow."
Sunnyboy - "I like pink too. Do you like pink mama?"
Me - "Yes, I like pink."
Sunnyboy - "And I like blue. Do you like blue mama?"
Me - "Yes, I like blue."
Sunnyboy - "Nok Tok is blue mama."
Me - "Oh yes. Nok Tok is blue and De Li is pink."
Sunnyboy - "Yes mama and the Incredible Hulk is green."


  1. Oh how lovely your conversation,. so cute

  2. we've come full circle...back to green ;)
    sunnyboy surely knows his colours.

    one love.

  3. These are the sweetest conversations! He is so cute.

  4. Just catching up with your blog posts - they're all so lovely I didn't know where to start!!