2 March 2010

Toy Story Tuesday

Toy Story Tuesday is hosted by Our Family of Four! and children are invited to get creative and link up and share their own "Toy Story".

Sunnyboy has been using my camera often since I started a 365 project and together we have been taking a picture a day in 2010. One of Sunnyboy's favourite photography subjects is the television.


  1. When Dylan has used my camera, I am always so curious to see what images he wanted to capture. I see the artistic slant most of the time, but occasionally, I have to ask him, "What is this one about?" and what he offers up always amazes me. He sees the beauty in so many things.

    Love to see this budding photog of yours!

  2. James loves to use the camera too. I am trying to work out what that programme is - Words and Pictures?

  3. Jacqui, the first picture is the Minis from CITV but the rest are from a rather old activity rhymes and songs video called I'm A Little Teapot. Not my favourite video but Sunnyboy likes it! :)