14 March 2010


$50 gift certificate for The Vintage Pearl at SteadyMom (giveaway ends today)

Doll Sling Mini Mei Tai at Hobo Mama Reviews (giveaway ends 18th March)

The Mother Magazine at Space of Love (giveaway ends 20th March)

Kid's Book Giveaway List at Brimful Curiosities

Giveaway at sunnydaytodaymama:

Mummy Milk Rocks t-shirt and bag Giveaway (closing date for entries is Friday 26th March at midnight GMT and the two winners will be announced on Monday 29th March)

Recently I have been lucky to win two fantastic blog giveaways.

I won this beautiful handmade *world peace* poster and set of floral postcards donated by Operation You in the *Gift of Jewels* giveaways at Necessary Room. Thank you Se'Lah and Vchelle!

Then I won the Applesauce Crafts giveaway at Mama Liddle and received this gorgeous Li'l Drooler Bib. Thank you Amber!

Amber also held a Pay it Forward activity at Ingid Liddle is Kind of Cute and sent us an adorable little apron for Sunnyboy. Thank you Amber, Sunnyboy loves it. I'll be posting a picture and 'paying it forward' soon.


  1. Oh good, I'm glad you got your package!

  2. You are swarming with gifts of love! I know you deserve them and so much more because you are receiving love that you have already given!