21 April 2011

Today is four months

Today is four months since we lost our babies and I'm nearing the end of another IVF cycle. This morning I went to Bourn Hall for my egg collection and 24 eggs were retrieved. It's been a day of sadness, excitement, relief, sunshine and hope. I am also terrified, as of course the hard bit is still to come. Right now the eggs will have met the sperm and tomorrow I'll find out how many (if any) have fertilised, so hopefully very soon two little embryos will be transferred and I'll begin the two week wait.

I'd love for anyone who has images and words of hope to join me in Sharing Hope (I'm posting a new Sharing Hope post with the Linky each Friday). Everyone is welcome to take part (please click on the button below to see more Sharing Hope posts and add links). I also want to thank all the people online (and offline!) who have shared hope in so many ways with me over the last four months. Your kindness and support has been very much appreciated and has meant more than I can ever say but thank you so much!



  1. What a journey. I hope you have good news in two weeks.

  2. I'll be thinking of you.

  3. You are all held in our thoughts xxx

  4. (((hugs))) I'm sharing in your hope. (sorry for my long abcense-I've been a little pressed for time, so I was glad I browsed through my blog roll before shutting down the computer, I'll keep you in my prayers)