18 September 2009

Secondhand toys

Nearly everything we own (including furniture, furnishings, household utensils, clothes, books, etc.) is secondhand. Most of Sunnyboy's toys (he has a lot) are also secondhand and the majority of them we buy from the charity shop where we work. If we see something new in another shop that we can't afford at that time then Sunnyboy will say "We'll look for one in our shop" and very often the toy he is looking for will turn up in our shop within a few days or weeks. He also donates the toys he doesn't need anymore to our shop and on some occasions is right there when another child buys his old toy. He likes to show the younger customers how the toys work and then informs their parents, "You can buy that."

At work

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  1. LOVE that you recycle toys! :)

  2. Fab, that's exactly what I do :)

  3. I try to buy alot of secon hand things too! All our furiture came from Craigslist! One persons trash is MY treasure :) LOL great job!

  4. That is how we do my favorite store is "The Village" (AKA..Value Village) you never know what you will find. I have gotten the nicest name brand clothes there!

    Happy CC!

  5. We do this as least we did for our first child. I'm not sure I have bought a toy since then. We continue to get gifts so I don't buy them myself. I do still give the ones that are no longer used to our second hand store.

  6. Great entry and love the shots! I really like your new header photo too! Have a great weekend! :-)

  7. I love everything about thrifting, and giving an item a new life! My Color Carnival entry came about through Freecycling. Congrats to you and Sunny Boy for your lifestyle choices, and the lovely, colorful photos you've shared!

  8. Sounds like Sunnyboy is quite the salesman ;)

    Charity shops are one of the things that I really miss from the UK, we don't have many of them in the US (none in the area where we live).

  9. That's positive thinking...and when he feeds the thought, then it'll be his in time. :) Great toys. I have my CC post at my other blog, though late.

  10. this is a great idea each year the charity shops around here take the toys and give them to the children in need

  11. I *love* that you are supporting recycling and modeling/teaching/encouraging it in your sunny boy.

    Just today I was thinking about how almost *everything* in our home is secondhand stuff. The kids like to buy a new shirt now and then for themselves, and most of them have embraced the fun of hunting down and finding something in the used stores. We at least look there first.

    Thanks for sharing your family's approach to life with us. And I *really* like that photo in the header. It's awesome!

  12. You know one of the great things about you working at the shop and taking Sunnyboy with you is that he can play or explore many toys and they never need to end up in his toy box! I believe you are doing a wonderful job with Sunnyboy and yourself.

    I love how far your Blog has come in readership in such a short time. You have so much to offer us.

    Sunnyboy is so getting that you don't have to have everything! What a blessing. Also it is such a blessing that he can wait for things. I really am impressed with the great job you are doing! Keep it up!

    Please come visit me next week as I begin hosting Make-Do Mondays. Ann has passed the baton on to me and I am excited. I would love to have you contribute your fabulous ideas through my site:

    My Practically Perfect Life - Make-Do Mondays

    Have a great day!


  13. I try to buy second hand toys for my daughter too, and encourage family members to do the same for her (that's a challenge, though!).
    We visit the Salvation Army store and Value Village, yard sales, and I've found some great deals on the Kijiji website too!

  14. Nearly everything we have bought for the past year is second-hand! Isn't it lovely?