9 September 2009

Self Fulfillment and Full Time Parenting

'Staying at home full time to raise a child does not mean there should be no opportunities for personal fulfillment - quite the contrary. Being at home can create opportunities to develop new skills and explore other possibilities. This huge life change can create the momentum necessary to stretch our imaginations and pursue new areas of interest.
Many people find self fulfillment through paid work. In traditional cultures women undertake work with their children on their backs in slings or by their sides playing. Extended families and communities share the care of children, who enjoy being part of everyday life. Only in westernised society does women going to work equate to leaving children in the care of strangers.
“There are many ways to maintain a career or outside interests from home. As tribal cultures demonstrate, children do not need to be the centre of attention to be well adjusted – they simply need to be kept close and integrated into the activities of their parents. According to Jean Liedloff, young children are uncomfortable when adults are focused on them; rather, they need to be the observers in order to absorb and learn as the adults around them go about the business of daily life” Peggy O’Mara in Natural Family Living (2000:119).'
Self Fulfillment and Full Time Parenting
by Susan Stark

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  1. Thank you so much for that. I get very frustrated explaining over and over (albeit to different people) that I am not staying home baking bread all day- although I do occasionally do that too. There seems to be a perception that stay-at-home/work-at-home moms are stuck in the 50s and happy to be "simple housewives". I find many aspects of being at home an opportunity to pursue goals and dreams that had ben on the backburner for a very long time.