8 September 2009

Children's Work

'Our children deserve the opportunity to be part of – and learn from – the daily lives of their families and communities.'
Learning is Children's Work
by Wendy Priesnitz
Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier (The Alternate Press, 2009)

This week I'll be posting new pictures of Sunnyboy at work, but for now here are some older pictures of Sunnyboy going behind the counter for the first time. We usually work upstairs in the stock room or on the shop floor stocking shelves, and now Sunnyboy does a shift serving behind the counter with one of our co-workers most days at work too.

May 2009

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  1. How exciting for Sunnyboy to be working behind the counter! I helped my grandfather sell corn when I was about Sunnyboy's age, and I loved it!

  2. That's a great quote at the top of your post! So true.