8 September 2009

The way to work

On our way to work together we often sing our own version of 'The Way To Work', a song from the CBeebies programme Me Too!.
'The programme then alternates between what the parents are doing at work and what the children are doing with Granny Murray. One of the aims behind the series is to reassure children of working parents who go to childminders that their parents are always thinking of them. In addition, children get a view into an adult's working day (simplified and more entertaining than a real work day for children's benefit).'
Sunnyboy enjoys watching this television programme about childminder Granny Murray although I'm not a fan at all. Recently I was reassured that the CBeebies propaganda was unsuccessful when I asked Sunnyboy if he would like to go to Granny Murray's house instead of coming to work with me. He told me, "No, I like going to work."

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  1. awwww..he looks so adorable walking by himself on the streets wearing his floppy hat:) so cute! interesting pictures of the places you passed by.

    My World is here.

  2. He is such a cutie and appears to be so confident and independent! Great post and lovely, colorful, fun photos! Thanks for sharing!


  3. He's striding out in a very determined way! He must be a joy.

  4. Here I thought I saw "chinese superman" hahaha...

    Sunnyboy looks too cute in that hat! Lovely pictures taken too!

  5. oh, i love this, SM! (but surely, you didn't let Sunny stray too far from you, did you? he is a darling boy!) big hugs to both sunny and you!

  6. Great pictures! I don't want to go to Granny Murray's either, I'd like to come to work with you :)

  7. What beautiful photos! Sunnyboy looks so happy and proud!

  8. I love seeing Sunnyboy's little journey...

    Big smiles and floppy hats to you today, Sunnymama!


  9. He's starting to grow and looking more like a big boy everyday. Have a great day.

  10. That little guy is just SO cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day,

  11. Thank you for taking me along your walk! It brightened my day looking at the scenary and seeing how Sunnyboy enjoys his time with Mommy. My guess is he doesn't want to go to work per se, he just wants to spend time with you. Can't blame him! It always looks like an adventure from your pictures!

    Btw that mural on the building with the woman sitting on the barrel is beautiful. Wondering if you can take a clear shot and send it to me via e-mail so I could frame it? Pretty pretty please with sugar on top and a cheesy grin too =-D


  12. I love the way you share Sunnyboy's adventures through photographs. He's a lucky kiddo and you're a wonderful mom ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. He's so cute! And looks ever so independent strolling along!

  14. I imagine that most children would choose to go to work with their parents, given the choice.