7 October 2011

Sharing Hope - The Battles and the Breakthrough

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Neville Hodgkinson
The Battles — and the Breakthrough: How They Fought Nature and their Critics
Daily Mail
London, 27 July 1978
When news leaked out and reporters started to bother his patient Lesley Brown, the Oldham gynaecologist Patrick Steptoe brokered an exclusive deal with the Daily Mail. The paper, which especially targeted women readers, ran the story on the front page several times. Louise Brown was born near midnight on 25 July, but instead of a big splash the next morning, the Mail used its access to produce a five-page feature the following day. This gave sympathetic coverage to the Brown family, the prospects for infertility treatment and — after years of mixed press — Steptoe, Robert Edwards and the science of in vitro fertilization.

Books & Babies: Communicating Reproduction


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