17 August 2012

All Year Round week twenty six: 7 Summer Picnics and Days Out

This week we've been preparing for Sunnyboy's birthday and a Picnic Party so I'm featuring some of the great ideas for summer picnics and days out shared at the All Year Round Blog Carnival. You can see more summer posts, and join us, at the Summer Carnival which is open for new links until 31st August. You can find out more about All Year Round here and also follow All Year Round on Pinterest.

Picnic Themed Birthday Party at famiglia&seoul and also 16 Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Dining with Children

Breakfast Picnic at the Blueberry Farm at Little Wonders' Days and also 15 Tips for Visiting Small Town USA

The Zoo at Little Homeschool Blessings

The Beach at Like Mama~Like Daughter

Water Park (and how to take awesome photos) at Actually Mummy...

An evening at the tractor pull at our school at home

Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt (a day out closer to home) at All Things Beautiful and also Almost-All-Indoors Campout, Celebrating Summer Party and Strawberry Soiree

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  1. Thanks for featuring our blueberry picnic and tips for visiting small towns. These are fun features and I've enjoyed the summer party. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Such wonderful ideas! I love the neighborhood photo scavenger hunt!

  3. a picnic party sounds like the best idea ever :)

  4. To beat the heat wave (114 F in Texas!) the little grands and I had a breakfast picnic on a playground. Ego's, sausage sticks, apple slices, Juicy Juice and water!;postID=3334225868098401080

  5. Thanks for sharing our picnic party post. :) I can't believe that the summer edition of the All Year Round Carnival is almost over!!!

  6. Thank you! The water park was the highlight of our summer. I love the beach post too :)