26 August 2012

Sunnyboy's 6th birthday

This week we've been celebrating Sunnyboy's 6th birthday, starting with a picnic party last weekend.

Picnic Party: invitations and nature walk gift bags
Picnic Party: food (and summer recipe links)
Picnic Party: nature walk

We also read picnic stories.

On Sunnyboy's birthday it was such a hot day Sunnyboy opened his presents in the garden,


and we decided to postpone a trip to the funfair and fill up his new paddling pool instead.

Sunnyboy's presents included a copy of Now We Are Six, and after opening presents and playing with some of his new toys we had an outdoor lunch with a cake then played in the garden for the rest of the day.

The day after was cooler so we spent the afternoon at the funfair.

Then at work the next day there was a surprise tea party for Sunnyboy with another cake.


  1. What precious photos...I love the many cakes that you had to celebrate Sunnyboy's birthday. Everyone can use a few extra slices of cake in their life. :) The funfair looked like a blast, too.

  2. Happy Birthday Sunnyboy and happy birthing day to you SunnyMama! Looks and sounds like a great week.

  3. Now we are six is my all time favourite poetry book. My best friend bought me an antique copy as a wedding present. Love it!

  4. Happy Birthday Sunnyboy, look like a good birthday.

    CaesarX + his dad and Brother.