28 June 2012

Our new neighbour (Nozy's Nature Pictures)

Bender is our newest neighbour. She was rescued from a cat by one of our human neighbours and now has learnt to fly and returned to live outdoors, but she still spends a lot of time visiting her human friends.

Fledgling blackbird
Nozy on Flickr

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  1. So lovely that she was rescued and that she comes to visit regularly!

  2. I am happy that she was rescued. Cute bird. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Oh how wonderful!!!! I look into the eyes of this beautiful creature and feel good that your neighbor helped her return to live a full life.

    I'm a bit CRABBY today

  4. Thats very kind from this cutie to come back to say hello to the rescue team!

  5. Lovely little bird! I can understand that she want too visit you sometimes because you rescued her! Nice story!

  6. very appealing (and I know they mess up your garden too).