3 October 2011

A weekend at home, working and playing in the garden in the October sun

Playing rescue games with Spider-Man and his friends.

Mushrooms growing round an old tree stump.

Conkers and crafts.

Grapes from our garden.

Plaster of Paris.

Packing peanuts and painting.

A jar of leftover paint and a maze for Spider-Man.

Sunnyboy has also been helping Nozy to cut back hedges and a tree, build and light a bonfire, do the groundwork for a new summerhouse in the other garden and lay a concrete base under the water butt.

More garden news is that our frog visitor has stayed.


  1. Looks like he had a great afternoon.

  2. Thanks for linking up and sharing the Blog Hops sites =) I am envious of your grapes - what zone are you? We just added 2 muscadine grape vines this year and are hoping to get some grapes next year! Wish we could grow "regular" grapes. Did they taste as wonderful as they looked?

  3. Lovingmama, we're in the UK and this is the first year we've had grapes on the grapevine in our garden. I was amazed they grew here. They are smaller than they look in the picture which was a macro shot, but they taste delicious! :)

  4. Your garden looks like a wonderful place for a child. He looks like he keeps busy there! Beautiful grapes too.