12 March 2014

15 books about The Ice Age and The Stone Age for children

Stanley by Syd Hoff

Caveman Dave by Nick Sharratt

Savage Stone Age by Terry Deary, with illustrations by Martin Brown

Prehistoric Britain by Alex Frith

My Best Book of Early People by Margaret Hynes

Who were the first people? by Phil Roxbee Cox & Struan Reid, with illustrations by Gerald Wood

The Everyday Life Of An Ice Age Hunter by Giovanni Caselli

Living in Prehistoric Times by Jane Chisholm, with design and illustrations by Rob McCaig

The Ogs Discover Fire by Felicity Everett

The Wild Girl by Chris Wormell

Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura

Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson, with illustrations by Emily Gravett

Stone Age, Bone Age! by Nick Manning and Brita Grantrom

Noune: Child of Prehistory by Michel Vaidis, with illustrations by Gemma Sales

The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr Benn: Caveman based on the TV series by David McKee

Where's Wally?

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