23 May 2012

Dandelions and other flowers

Our garden is full of dandelions and this is what we've been doing with them.

We made a "dandelion wishes" keyring with dandelion seeds,

and another keyring with more wild flowers.

We made a dandelions and other flowers pool.

We made dandelion prints in clay (this was inspired by a dandelion post at You're Not Lost, You're Here).

We painted a picture using dandelion flowers as paint brushes (this was inspired by a dandelion post at Simple Kids).

We've been reading dandelion poems and stories.

Bright coinage of the generous sun,
Down-flung, and scattered, one by one -
They star with gold the green plateau,
And light the landscape with their glow!

Andrew Downing [1838-1917]

The Dandelion Fairy
Here's the Dandelion's rhyme;
See my leaves with tooth-like edges;
Blow my clocks to tell the time;
See me flaunting by the hedges,
In the meadow, in the lane,
Gay and naughty in the garden;
Pull me up - I grow again,
Asking neither leave nor pardon.
Sillies, what are you about
With you spades and hoes of iron?
You can never drive me out -
Me, the dauntless Dandelion!

Cicely Mary Parker [1895-1973]


Of course we've also been picking more dandelions.

We often pick dandelions to put in a vase indoors during the spring and summer, and for the first time we kept them in the vase until the flowers had changed to seed heads (this was inspired by a dandelion post at Almost Unschoolers). We didn't take any photographs of those dandelions but here's a time lapse video we found on YouTube.

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  1. I love your dandelion ideas!!

  2. I love dandelions too! So glad to see someone else appreciates these fab little yellow flowers. Love the key ring & the painting best. Thanks so much for adding this to the outdoor play link up this week.

  3. This is brilliant, I love the wishes key ring especially x

  4. I love your wishes key chain. And the dandelion time lapse clip.

    rubber boots and elf shoes

  5. I shall look at dandelions in a new light now! So many different activities,I love the paint brush idea. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.

  6. What a greta study of Dandelions and I never would have thought of painting with them, but that is inspired!

    Thanks for sharing on Family Frolics.

  7. What a lovely and creative post! I will be pinning and sharing. Thanks! Kristi

  8. I love the keyrings, and your dandelion painting!

    Thank you for linking up to Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  9. What DANDY ideas! The keychains and dandelion painting will be a HUGE hit with my kids. Thanks so much for sharing this post on this week's Kids Co-Op linky!

  10. I love the keychain...such a cool idea. How do you make them? Our pastor is moving on to another church next month and she is a big fan of dandelions. I think it'd be a very neat gift to give her before she leaves. :-)

  11. What great ideas! I love the pool and the keyring!

    Thanks so much for linking to Fun Sparks xx

  12. What wonderful ideas!! I love the key chain and pool. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

    1. Just wanted to let you know that I'm featuring this post at Sharing Saturday tonight! Feel free to stop by and grab a Featured button if you would like. Have a great weekend!!

  13. Great ideas, thank you for linking to my post! So many fun things to do with dandelions!

  14. My girls love playing with dandelions. These are all such terrific ideas. I especially love the dandelion wishes key chain. Thanks so much for sharing in the Discover & Explore linky. I'm featuring this post today.