20 May 2012

Inspiring links

unschooling little house on the prairie at Mama Scout
Your Children Want YOU! at The Power of Moms
The Gift of Nature Study at HodgePodge
One Boy, a DIY Arcade, and the Most Uplifting Flashmob of All Time at Colossal
Please Ignore...; or, Infertility Revisited at Park Slope Promised Land
Where the Sidewalk Ends, Keep Going at Living and Learning


  1. Thanks...I've been looking for a little inspiration this week! I can't wait to check out these links you've shared. Have you ever read posts from the Hands Free Mama? I am really enjoying her thoughts and inspiring words, too!

    1. I hadn't read any posts from Hands Free Mama but have just checked out her blog and I will be reading! Thank you! :)

  2. This is a fantastic blog! I found you on the blog hop, will surely be back. :) Stop by and follow back at when you can!

  3. wonderfully inspiring post..thank you for sharing :)