13 July 2009

Children Being in the World

"Have human beings always been like this... Instructed by experts and certified by institutions? Or was there a time when we relied on nature's instinct to sustain and evolve Life?"

"The natural state of being is to be creative. In the creative state we are authentic and original. To be authentic and original means to be in touch with the source knowledge, to be true to our nature, to be discovering all the time. Our knowledge comes from our first hand experience. Our senses are our tools that connect us to the nature outside as well as our inner nature."
KB Jinan

Thanks to Radio Free School for posting this video.

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  1. I've left an award for your blog on our blog :)

    Blessings Gina xxx

  2. I love this, Sunnymama! Love it! Thank you for the love & light sent its way!