20 July 2009

The Journal of Home Education

Today in the post I received Issue 13 of The Journal of Home Education - a Badman Report Special.

Editorial 3
When ‘education, education, education’ becomes ‘control, control, control’ Dr Jan Fortune-Wood 4
A Case Study Ruth Charles 15
BECTA, Badman and informal learning 17
School is Not Compulsory - Education is. Liz Jolly 18
Why point the finger at home-educators? Bernard Trafford (chairman of the headmasters and mistresses conference) 20
Letter to Lord Lucas on Home education Jackie Parsons 22
Why I like Autonomous education Rebekah & Martin 23
The Children's Plan and You - 21st Century Schools Roxane Featherstone 26
British Humanist v Church of England Dr Jan Fortune-Wood 29
Home Education – My experience Lin Kennedy 37
Learning to read by 8 – A Badman Target 40
A Case Study 42
When Rights Become Wrongs Mike Fortune-Wood 44
“I can find no evidence..." says Graham Badman 50
A Letter to Mr Balls, from a large group of home educators 51
Local Authorities – our children’s voice? Jan Fortune-Wood 55
Stirner Contra Badman Rowan Fortune-Wood 60
A Family story Beverley Smith 63
False Positives in the hunt for child abuse 67
The NSPCC Apology 69
Reflections of Lumb Bank Home Educated Young People’s Course February 23-28th, 2009 71
The Dinner Table By Daniel Tramer February 2009 73
The Real Picture Home Educators at the Arvon Foundation’s Lumb Bank Centre By Jan Fortune-Wood 74
Looking for a Destination Esme Nichol 75
Support Listings 77

Home Education: The Journal of Home Education in the UK & Beyond is edited by Mike Fortune-Wood (Home Education UK) and can be ordered here.


  1. I love that you use your voice for the education of others.

    one love.

  2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2009

    Thanks for posting about this - I might try and get a copy. :) x