3 July 2009

Just say NO to forced schooling

I saw this poster on Travelling to Scotland and RenegadeParent today (it was originally posted on Soaring). Thanks to these bloggers and others (such as Dare to Know, Sometimes It's Peaceful and children are people) for all the useful information they have been posting about the recent Badman Report on the Elective Home Education Review.

Find out more about the DCSF attacks on home educating families and threats to the civil liberties of all families by visiting the UK Home Education Blogs listed in my sidebar (if there are any others that should be included please let me know) or Action for Home Education. There's also a Yahoo Badman Review Action Group and a Facebook group to Stop the UK Government Stigmatising Home Educators!


*The inspiration for Conscious Friday comes from Se'Lah at Necessary Room.


  1. I don't homeschool, but this got me curious about what the regulations and such are in my home state, in the US, regarding homeschooling. I was shocked to see all the paperwork that has to be provided to the school superintendent every year for this to be allowed. I don't like government getting more and more involved and making things so difficult for families. I think this is a great topic for Conscious Friday.

  2. AnonymousJuly 04, 2009

    i just spent the whole day today in a strategic planning meeting (yes, on a saturday!) discussing educational policies for our future. because i mentioned the provision for home schooling, i was treated as almost an outcast. why schooling has to be compulsory, i fail to understand.

  3. I guess this explains why I never met anyone who was home schooling their child while we lived in the UK. Hopefully the blogs and groups you reference in your post will be able to make a difference so that UK families have more choice in how they choose to educate their children!