10 July 2009

An art display in a small space

We live in a small, cosy flat and I've previously blogged about our art easel in a small space. This week we decided to create an art display by pinning some string to a door (as you can see in the photos it's also our 'sticker door'). It's low enough for Sunnyboy to reach and he's able to hang up his pictures himself using ladybird mini clothes pegs.

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  1. I love that Sunnyboy can hang up his own pictures! What a great idea!

  2. AnonymousJuly 10, 2009

    great idea. i am always on the look out for interesting ways of displaying my children's artwork.

  3. great idea, we are currently taping our to the wall, but I think my boys would enjoy mini ladybug clips!

  4. We have a similar set-up. I hang his art on a string line, but I do it up high. I should move one of them to his level like you have, it's nice that he can hang it up by himself. Thanks for the idea.

  5. This looks great! I love the idea of using a line like that.

  6. This is such a cute idea. How lovely that your son can reach up and switch the pictures himself :)

  7. That is a super idea.

  8. And we know he loves pinning things up with clothes pins!! What a happy life you're making for your family in your cozy flat! We did this kind of display in our kitchen area for several years, and the kids felt that we were really honoring their art efforts. I think you can't go wrong with this--it's colorful and fun decor, as well as a sweet way for your sunny boy to enjoy his efforts.

  9. I love it that Sunnyboy can arrange his own artwork. He can decide what gets put on display. You are doing such a wonderful job in teaching him.

    Have a most wonderful week.


  10. OMGoodness what a GREAT idea!!!

    Come stop by my blog ~ I’m sharing a tasty thing I found that works for me and my daughter, which you’ll see LOL. Plus I have a little info on a Non-BlogHer party going on with GIVEAWAYS and fun!!

  11. Great idea! I was looking for a way for my own son to hang up his own work. Thanks for sharing!